Ruby sharing mania

Meet other Ruby enthusiasts from all over the World at Paris.rb conf 2020. The conference will be held in Paris February 18-19th. Come to exchange, listen to great talks, and learn what’s new in Ruby.

New in this edition :

  • dedicated MC who’ll handle the speakers intros
  • dedicated Time Keeper who’ll handle the schedule in order to have a perfect timing
  • dedicated Communication person who’ll communicate on social networks before the event, and live cover the event while it is happening
  • dedicated CFP and Rehearsals team. We’ll offer rehearsals service to speakers, in order to have outstanding talk quality
  • dedicated person to help sponsors to enjoy the event even more
  • never seen in Paris speakers
  • original content
  • talks about real use cases, R&D, ecology, art, hard core programming

The Speakers

look at the 2018 edition for ideas on how will the conference look like ! We had more than 120 calls for paper in 2018 and we plan to have even more. We’ll try to have even more diverse content, and we offer rehearsals for speakers, in order to have amazing quality content at the end. We value original content, real life feedback, research. We have a dedicated MC who’ll present the speakers.

Ready to rock? Send us your proposal to our call for paper!

The Schedule

The schedule will be released after we end the cfp. This time, we have a dedicated Time Master who’ll make sure that everything is right on time.


    Early bird tickets are really cheap, but the price will go up just after we release the speakers.

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    2-day tickets

    Getting There




    Want to get involved and help support ParisRB conf 2020? We'd love to hear from you.


    Thibaut Assus