18-19th February 2020
Meet fellow rubyists from around the world, and expand your Ruby horizons!

The year 2020 marks the 25th Anniversary of the first release of Ruby and we are lucky (and filled with gratitude) to welcome Ruby creator Yukihiro Matsumoto who will help us open ParisRB with a Keynote speech.

We’re excited! Are you??

Here’s a little more about what you can expect in February:

For Attendees

  • great location south of Paris (reachable by Metro)
  • original content, never seen in Paris speakers
  • talks about real use cases, R&D, ecology, art, hard core programming…
  • our awesome community and unique atmosphere: no hour-long talks, pauses to socialize…

For Speakers

  • dedicated MC to handle speakers’ intros
  • dedicated Time Keeper to keep everyone on schedule
  • dedicated CFP and Rehearsals team for top-notch talks
  • travel expenses up to 300€

For Sponsors

  • dedicated communication team (social networks, reach out, video coverage…)
  • dedicated people to help you

The Speakers

Check out the 2018 edition to know what to expect in 2020!

We already received numerous responses for the 2020 Conference. In 2018, we had more than 120 submissions to the CFP, so if this year proves similar, it’ll be tough to choose!

This year, we aim to have more diverse content, a dedicated MC, and we will offer rehearsals for speakers to ensure amazing content for our participants. We continue to value original content, real-life feedback, and research.

Ready to rock? Send us your proposal to our call for paper!

The Schedule

The full schedule will be released once we end the CFP.


For 2020, we’ll have a dedicated Time Master to make sure everything rolls smoothly.


31-10 CFP ENDS
15-11 Proposal Selection ENDS
18-11 Initial Speaker Schedule RELEASED
20-11 Ticket prices RISE

03-02 Final week to buy tickets, but they’ll be pricey!!
BUY NOW to avoid higher costs!


    Early bird tickets are cheap, so get them now! The price will go up after we release the speakers!

    Tickets Information by EventLama

    Early bird - 2-day Ticket Discount applied

    × €124.17 (€24.83 VAT) ×

    This ticket is valid for the whole conference duration (Tuesday/Wednesday)

    Sponso Silver Discount applied

    × €8000.00 (€1600.00 VAT) ×
     3 tickets

    Sponsor level: Silver Listing on all press releases and marketing materials Logo and 50 word company description on website Thank you tweet during conference 1 free conference pass Small booth (1.5 metres) in the Lobby

    Sponso Bronze Discount applied

    × €3000.00 (€600.00 VAT) ×

    Sponsor Level: Bronze Listing on all press releases and marketing materials Logo and 50 word company description on website Thank you tweet during conference

    Early Bird Student - 2-day Discount applied

    × €82.50 (€16.50 VAT) ×
     43 tickets

    This ticket is only valid for current students or recent graduates who are not yet twerking, must buy before 20 Nov 2019

    Getting There

    The closest Metro stop is Villejuif-Louis Aragon on Metro Line 7 (the pink line)

    If you’re flying into Paris, the closest airport is Orly, which also has a Tram (T7 - brown) connecting you directly between Orly Airport and Villejuif




    Want to get involved and help support ParisRB Conf 2020? We'd love to hear from you.


    Thibaut Assus


    Sylvain Abelard


    Marianne Gillogly

    (communications manager)

    Michel Martens